As an Open Access journal, publishing an article in this journal requires an Article Processing Charge (APC) that will be billed to the submitting author following acceptance.

The Article Processing Charge for an article is 100 US$. IRJASH does not offer to waiver policy. 

The Fee is for Maintaining jounral Quality, Article Indexing, Repository & Preservation and Staff Salary

Membership fee

A. Article Content Quality Checker & Metadata Supporter (Doi : 10.47392/irjash.)

  1. Crossref - Lynnfield, Massachusetts, United States (US) (Click here)
  2. DoI (digital object identifier) -  New York, United States (US) (Click here)

B. Article Formatting Supporter

  1. SciSpace (Research formatting tool) - United States (US) (Click here)
  2. Article output format - DOAJ XML, SciElo XML, JATS XML, PubMed XML, Redalyc XML, Pdf, HTML, ePub, LaTeX, ZIP, as OJS Galley

Subscription fee

C. OJS Submission System

  1. Ejournal plus - Sweden (Refer Website Footer Section)
  • Journal submission and tracking system for authors
  • Evaluation system for Reviewers
  • Publication system for Editor and publishers
  • Article Indexing and Reference management system

D. Repository & Preservation Fee 

  1. Internet archive (Click here)
  2. Academia (Click here)